07 April 2010

Better Online Taiji Classes

After the first round, I discovered that it was too much to do in too short of time. In other words: I crammed 4 - 8 months of lessons into 2 months.


So for the second round, though I packed in a little more, I shortened the films, spaced them out, and have them arriving in inboxes either 2 per week or one per week. You choose how often based on how much time commitment you have to participate in Taijiquan classes.

Relaunch of these online Tai Chi classes has a discount, but no matter: I made the deal great, no matter when you get it.

31 January 2010

Details of Old Yang Form

The Old Yang Form Course is filling up. Registration ends tomorrow, right when the lessons begin.

This is the only time you'll be able to get this exclusive 8-week Course for $159. Plus, there's a 3-payment plan.

It will be fun to have you along.

02 January 2010

Comprehensive Taijiquan : It's On-line

There's a bunch of news here: How About Awesome Taiji in 2010?

This is the big deal though: the Online Old Yang Style Taiji Course, scheduled to launch Jan 15th, includes support. It makes sense these days: social networks share information quick and thorough these days. Why not get full support from a great Taiji instructor, no matter where you live?

Check out the whole site for more information about RealTaiji.com.

23 December 2009

Who Thinks Taijiquan is a Burly Martial Art?

Taijiquan is a burly martial art. Sure, it's also something older folks do in parks....but Nate Johnson uses it to prep for MMA...you know: Mixed Martial Arts. Check out Nate's words (now that Facebook and Google are friends, you can read his words).

It was wonderful [taiji outside]. We videoed ourselves training and watched it afterwards. This was the first time I'd seen myself on camera and it was a great chance to critique myself from an outside eye.

Merry Christmas Candy Cane Self Defense

Matthew Apsokardu over at Ikigai Way tells us about Christmas Self Defense.

Tongue in cheek, and good fun, this is my favorite bit...

One of the biggest complaints about weapon arts is that “you’ll never walk around with kama or sai on the street”. Normally that’s true, but what if you had a candy equivalent??
The fun part though: Matt's homemade pictures of killing with candy canes. Check it out.